The Starlight Symphony Orchestra is a hybrid of professional, semi-professional, amateur, and student musicians. All new and substitute players must audition. Auditions are relaxed, informal, fun, and required for season players as well as placement on our substitute list.

Prepare to play two pieces for our conductor, Dr. David Oertel. The music should be something that you feel comfortable playing and demonstrates your playing level and ability. Each player is asked to play pieces that demonstrate contrasting styles, i.e., something to show technical ability (faster tempo) and something to show melodic tonality (slower tempo.) The selections should be short (3-5 min); prepare no more than ten minutes of music.

Auditions may be conducted throughout the concert season by appointment. We welcome new season players and substitutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are rehearsals?

Regular rehearsals are Thursday evenings 7:15 PM – 9:15 PM

How do I schedule an audition?

 To schedule an appointment, email us at

Who can audition?

Advanced students in 8th grade or above from any of our area schools also are invited to audition.


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