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Patron Starlight Categories

Supernovas – $1000+
Intergalactics – $ 500 – $ 999
Universes – $ 250 – $ 499
Galaxies – $ 100 – $ 249
Comets – $ 50 – $ 99
Stars – $ 25 – $ 49

The Patrons of the Starlight Symphony Orchestra are community members who have attended concert performances and have been amazed by the quality of each concert performance and equally impressed with the caliber of the orchestra musicians. After understanding and appreciating the value that this orchestra brings to our communities, patrons are eager to offer support to sustain this hill country treasure. The Patrons of the Starlight Symphony Orchestra truly appreciate having a symphony orchestra of such musical excellence that is easily accessible and available to all hill country residents.

Members in the Patrons of the Starlight Symphony Orchestra receive some unique benefits: special patron recognition in each program booklet published throughout the concert season, exclusive invitations to “patron only” receptions and early notifications for upcoming events and venues.

We would value your membership. Please select a patron level and become a member of the Patrons of the Starlight Symphony Orchestra. Your donation will help meet the expenses necessary to deliver outstanding musical programming season after season. Donations also support the orchestra’s dynamic student youth program, offering solo competitions, music scholarships and school mentorship opportunities. Your patronage will sustain, grow and nurture this exceptional nonprofit symphony orchestra – dedicated to providing beautiful music for hill country residents and their families!

The Starlight Symphony Orchestra is a Non-profit Organization and we operate under the 501 (c) (3) Internal Revenue Code for education and the arts. Tax-deductible donations to the orchestra should be made directly to:

The Starlight Symphony Orchestra
P.O. Box 171
Wimberley, TX 78676